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What is Hume Lake?

Hume Lake is a beautiful mountain lake within Sequoia National forest. It's nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at an elevation of 5200 feet.

Surrounded by towering Sequoia and Jeffrey Pines, the lake is a popular destination for those visiting either Sequoia or Kings Canyon National Parks.

The Hume Lake Dam is the first concrete-reinforced multiple arch dam in the world. It allowed local logging companies to create a millpond, what we now call Hume Lake. It was originally used to store logs before they were milled and to supply water to the flume that sent lumber down the mountains and into the cities. Visit the dam for a look at an interesting piece of history.

Directions to Hume Lake

- From Sequoia Resort and RV Park, go North on CA-245
- Turn Right onto CA-180 E
- Continue to the lake on Hume Lake Road

There are seasonal boat and kayak rentals as well as a small market and Gas Station.
Please note some roads may close due to weather especially in winter and chains can be required at any time. Please check the national park website to make sure the facilities you need will be available during your trip.

What Can You Do at Hume Lake?

The most popular activities at the lake are swimming, fishing, and hiking/biking. With a bit of preparation, you can have a day full of fun at Hume Lake.

When you're done playing at the lake, come back and relax at Sequoia Resort and RV Park! The high altitude of the lake keeps the water cool; you won't find a more refreshing place to take a dip on a hot summer day. The water is clean and clear.

Is Hume Lake Dog friendly?

Yes we are Dog friendly!! Hume Lake is one of the best places to take your furry friend as it is in the National Forest which does allow dogs!

What should I pack for a trip to Hume Lake?

If you plan on swimming, be sure to bring the following:
Swim suit
Beach towel
Sandals or flip flops
Drinking Water
Snacks (or money for the general store)

You might also bring pool noodles, water wings, or other toys for children to play with. There's plenty of room to run around on the grassy fields near the edge of the lake, too. Bringing a frisbee or football isn't a bad idea either!

What to Do
What to Bring

Can you fish in Hume Lake?

Fishing at Hume Lake is another popular activity. It can be done from the shore or from a boat, just remember that motorized boats are not allowed, but a row boat, canoe, or kayak is a great option.
Trout, bass, and bluegill are all found in abundance in the lake.

For fishing, you'll need to bring:
Fishing pole
Bait or lures
Valid fishing license
Cooler with ice (if you want to keep any fish you catch)
Drinking Water

Best Hiking and Biking Trails near Hume Lake

The many trails around Hume Lake make it an excellent destination for hiking and biking. There are shorter trails for casual hikes and longer ones more suited to biking or day trips.

If you are planning on exploring the trails around Hume Lake, make sure you bring:
Sturdy shoes or hiking boots
Bug repellent
Hat and sunglasses
Plenty of drinking water

If you're planning on biking, bring a bike, of course, but also be sure you have a helmet, riding gloves, and a detailed map. It can be easy to get lost if you aren't sure where you're going. 


A Truly Special Gem in Sequoia National Forest

A truly special gem in Sequoia national Forest, only a short drive up from Sequoia National Park. Recommend you spend your day here, and either visit Sequoia in the morning or evening. Unless you plan to hike. The beach is perfect for basking in the sun and the water is very pleasant in the heat of the day!

-Patrick Dunlop, Google Reviews

Beautiful Place to Have a Picnic

Hume Lake is a beautiful place to have a picnic lunch or escape the heat of socal. You can sit in the sand or swim. There's a christian camp community here so the lake has tons of amenities including a gas station.

-Joselyn Perez, Google Reviews

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