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King's Canyon & Sequoia National Parks are beautiful but remote wilderness parks, and can present some challenges to visitors that come unprepared. Here you will find some of the most common questions our guests have regarding their vacation planning and stay with us. 

Are there any restaurants nearby?

*Due to COVID-19, some restaurants are closed for dine-in or have reduced hours. Please call the restaurant for up-to-date information.

A few miles down the road, you'll find Mountain House, a restaurant/pub cooking up mouth-watering burgers, chicken, chili, and more. They are currently doing takeout only!
House (559)-337-2321 Open for Lunch and early dinner daily, and breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays. Turn left onto Highway 245 from our driveway and it is on the right about 6 minutes down the road.

Other Dining in the Area
Pinehurst Lodge - (559)-336-2603 Open for Lunch and dinner. Turn right onto Highway 245 from our driveway and it will be on the left about 10-15 minutes away in the town of Pinehurst.
Bear Mountain Pizza - (559)-332-9696 Open for lunch and dinner. Turn right onto Highway 245 from our driveway and then turn left on Dunlap Rd. Turn left onto Highway 180 and it will be on the right side a couple of miles down the road. 40-45 minute drive
Twin Valleys Restaurant and Dunlap Sports Grill - (559)-338-0160 Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Turn right onto Highway 245 from our driveway and then turn left on Dunlap Rd. The restaurant will be on the right side of Dunlap Rd in the small town of Dunlap.25-30 minute drive
Where's the nearest gas station?
You have 2 options really, both are approximately 30 miles from Sequoia Resort. It is HIGHLY recommended that you fill up with gas in Visalia or Fresno before driving up here where gas prices will be increased.
If you are traveling NORTH, the Valero Gas Station in Squaw Valley is the best option. Turn right out of our driveway onto Highway 245, and then left onto Dunlap Road. Take Dunlap to the end, and turn left onto Highway 180 and the Valero is just up the road on the righthand side.
If you are traveling SOUTH, the Prince Mart Gas Station is closest. Turn left out our driveway onto Highway 245, and then turn left onto Dry Creek Drive and follow it to the end. Turn left onto Lomitas Dr (Rd 216) and the Prince Mart is just up the road on the righthand side of the road.
Where's the closest grocery store?
It is HIGHLY recommended to stock up with groceries/food before making the drive up here for check in.
There is a small market in Grant Grove inside the park that carries the basic essentials.
There is a larger grocery store in the town of Woodlake, which is about a 45 minute drive from us.
If you are in need of a Walmart, Costco, Lowe's (or other major shopping stores) the town of Visalia is a good option, or Fresno if you are traveling from the north.
Is Sequoia Resort pet friendly?
Yes, dogs are welcome at Sequoia Resort, but should remain on leash at all times while outside with your family and should not be left unattended. We do not charge additional fees for pets, but reserve the right to assess fees for excess cleaning or any damages caused by pets during your stay. Please note: Dogs are prohibited on trails inside the National Parks, so please refer to their website for guidelines on pets before committing to bringing your dogs along.
Do you offer daily housekeeping service?
No, our cleaning staff will clean your house prior to your arrival and get everything set up for your stay. But once you pick up the key, the house is yours and we will not bother your family on vacation. Our office is open daily from 8am – 7pm if you need anything, and Bryon lives onsite and is available 24 hours a day.
What comes stocked in the House or Guest Suite?
Your rental will include all bed linens, pillows, towels, toilet paper, soap and shampoo. The kitchens/kitchenettes all include ample food storage, refrigerator, microwave, coffee makers, tea kettles, pots and pans, dishes and glassware. Please note that House 2 and the Guest Suite have countertop convection ovens only but are equipped with stove tops. The pantry is stocked with Sequoia Resort Blend Coffee, cream and sugar, black tea, salt and pepper, cooking oil, foil, sponges, dish soap, paper towels and garbage bags.
Do you have Free WiFi?
Yes! Each rental unit has free in-home WiFi for use during your stay. For our RV guests, WiFi is available in the guest shop. Please note: We are limited to LTE wireless service up here. So if you are used to blazing fast internet speeds be aware that because of our remote location, high speed broadband is unavailable, and the WiFi will be slower than you are accustomed to using.
What about cable/satellite television service?
Sequoia Resort has installed DirecTV cable service in every rental unit that is free to use while your family is relaxing after a long day of exploring the parks.
What's in the Guest Shop?
Well, there's bottled water, sodas, snacks, and some very basic food items. There is a sitting area with WiFi access and a DVD collection that you are free to browse and take to your house to watch (please return when done).
What's there to do at Sequoia Resort?
Sequoia Resort is a 377 acre vacation property with trails and paved paths that are great for walks, hikes, jogs, and biking. We have a private lake that our guests can enjoy with boat dock, row boats, propane grill, and fire pit.
How do we rent a bike?
The bikes are free to use for all guests, and are first come first serve. They are located in the woodshed next to the office building. Please return the bikes when you are done so that other guests may enjoy them.
Are there lifeguards on duty at the lake?
No, while swimming is permitted in the lake, there are no lifeguards on duty. And all swimmers should swim at their own risk.
Can you fish in the lake?
Yes, the lake is stream fed and contains fish. We do not supply fishing poles, so if you wish to fish you will need to bring them. All fishing is catch and release only.